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In your search for a funeral office you will find almost identical entries . It is no coincidence that most funeral agencies offer similar services and we use common products . Last year , in the years of the crisis , the price gap has also closed significantly . Of course , you will find ceremonial offices displaying particularly low prices . In this case , services and materials will be priced or the worse will require another amount than the original agreement .
There are many ceremonies that will behave - contractor and staff - with courtesy, sensitivity , consistency and honesty to the agreed . But there are also some offices - fortunately not many - who are unable to keep the aforementioned .


It is not difficult to see which offices meet the requirements . Usually the second ones will approach you mainly in the hospital and clinic premises and often in oblique , pressing and rude ways they will try to assign them the ceremony . Very often they will deceive you at a very low price and will in the end demand other amounts . Therefore , special attention needs to be paid to the selection of the ceremony office , on the one hand , to the financial one and , on the other hand , to the way the ceremony is held .